Headlight Restoration

Your vehicle headlights are constantly exposed to the worst environmental conditions. Yet headlights are expected to maintain a high level of vehicle safety at all times, lighting the road ahead. You may have never thought about the maintenance your headlight lenses require, but they need equal or more care than the rest of your vehicle’s exterior surfaces.

The deterioration to your headlights is brought on by the constant exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thus causing oxidation. If your vehicle is not stored under cover, such as in a carport or a garage, you will most likely experience shorter lens clarity life. Headlight lens clarity is also impacted by daily driving, being constantly attacked by bugs, rocks, dirt, dust and fine road debris. All of that persistent abuse of the headlight lenses causes deterioration over time and a reduction in headlight effectiveness.

Here at Ash Creek Auto Glass, we use the latest technology and tools to restore your headlight lenses as close to factory clarity as we possibly can. Because, the clearer your vehicle headlight lens, the better you are going to see and be seen. We believe in safety first!