Laminated Windshield Glass

Car windshields aren’t just there to keep out the rain; they’re also one of a vehicle’s more important safety devices. 

Long ago, the question was addressed on how to keep drivers safe from their own car during an accident. The solution eventually became laminated glass—a material that helps keep a windshield intact as one large sheet when it breaks.

Windshields have gone through many improvements over the years. Since 1966 laminated windshields have all been made of two sheets of glass bonded with a layer of thin poly vinyl butyral (PVB) plastic film between them. The inner PVB layer adheres tightly to the glass layers, preventing broken shards from flying apart and causing additional injuries. Without such an innovation, windshields might still be a danger to drivers. 

Due to the fragility of the windshield after sustaining damage from a rock or debris, a crack can spread during the process of repairing at no fault of the technician’s workmanship. However, once the repair has been confirmed completed by the technician, the windshield integrity will no longer be compromised by the crack.