Please look at everything on this page as there might be things at the bottom that pertain to your adoption and we want your experience to be successful!

Securing Your New Puppy!

At any time you may request a puppy of the current or next litter. The only requirement is that you make a deposit of 25% of the puppy price, ranging from $100 to $300, depending on the puppy. That is the customary amount, it is not refundable and can be made via PayPal. It is not refundable because we want you to be serious about adopting a puppy. If you are not comfortable with this policy “just in case” (of what ever reason) then perhaps this is not the time to adopt an addition into your family.

We also require full payment before we release the puppy to you. That might mean you send a money order in the last week or a check a few weeks in advance (so there is time for the check to clear the bank) if the puppy is being flown to you. If you are picking up locally we request payment in cash as we have had a bad check in the past and do not want to go through that again. Sorry. If you need to pay with a credit card you can do that via PayPal but we request that you include 3% to cover the fees associated with PayPal. Thank you!

When can you get your puppy?

6 weeks old if you pick up locally and 8 weeks if we fly the puppy to you.


We will ship via air carrier to any US and Canada city that has freight capabilities. Current costs run around $350. Shipping costs include the shipping kennel for the puppy, a vet check, health certificate and air fair. If you pick up the puppy locally there is no shipping costs and none of the above apply. (You will have to provide your own travel kennel for the ride home and there is no vet check.)

Please be aware that the airlines that we work with are strict about the puppy’s health and well being. They may not fly the puppy if the local weather is colder than freezing or hotter than 85F. This is for here in Portland, OR where we ship from, where you live and any stop along the way. In flight the puppy is housed in a pressurized climate controlled cabin just like regular passengers. All the airlines we have used take very good care of the puppies and there has never been a problem. We have puppies living in Anchorage, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Denver and many other cities.

When your puppy arrives, be prepared! He or she may have had an in flight “accident” and needs a little cleaning up. He/she may also be a bit thirsty after the flight. We give the puppy a dish of ice that will that over time that will be consumed as needed. There will also be a small bag of food as a snack attached to the top of the kennel. Lastly, all receipts, vet check documents and registration papers will be attached to the side of the kennel. We have neither lost a puppy or documents in nearly 30 flights.


Your puppy is eating Costco’s Kirkland chicken & rice or Diamond Naturals chicken & rice dog food. (Same food in different bags.) It is very good food with natural ingredients. It does cost more than what you can get at Safeway but it is not near as much as what the vet has and is equal or better than the vet foods. In fact some vets recommend this food!

Local Pick-up

Don’t forget to bring something to carry your puppy in. I think I usually have a cardboard box I can put him or her in but we need to know in advance. I don’t recommend buying a carrier for labs or retrievers at this size as it will be wasted $$. Your puppy¬† will only fit this week! :-)

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